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You Have a Choice: You can choose what physical therapist you want to see regardless of your insurance or what your MD says.

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Acme Physical Therapy

Acme PT mission is to reach beyond our clients expectations by providing quality care with clinical expertise ,compassion and respecting the values and goals of our clients . We at Acme PT believe in integrity, intelligence and energy.

What makes ACME PT different.

We Assess and develop plan of care just for your needs and goals we do not believe in one size fits ,where most of the PT clinics does

You are always seen by the same physical therapist who you have seen at your first visit. So the therapist understands your condition better and also as patient it will give time to develop rapport with your physical therapist.

You are always seen by physical therapist not by an physical therapist assistant or an aide for better quality of care.

We will make sure you understand your ailment by one on one time is spent to explain and educate the patients better. we believe in involving the patient to reach their goals and expectations.

We always take time to explain each and every intervention to understand how it will help their relief of the symptoms and reach the goals set.

We work with your physician and insurance for your medical and financial needs and will take care of all the paper work.

Success Stories

After my accident, I was stuck in a wheelchair and didn’t know if I would ever walk again. I went to Acme and after a few sessions, I instantly felt more confident. The team at Acme continued to encourage and support me and eventually I was able to walk with a cane. I feel great!

– Sara

I got injured on the field playing football and I twisted my ankle. After a few weeks of physical therapy, I was able to practice and perform just like before. Thanks Acme!

– John